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1970s (1998)

(Cliff Richard)

Original CD Release-EMI 7243 4 97134 2 0

Country: UK CD 1998

Front Side

Back Side


CD Release-EMI 7243 4 97134 2 0

Country: Australia CD 1998

1970s - Front Cover

1970s - Rear Cover

Front Side

Back Side

1970s - Disc

CD Label


                CD releases

UK          EMI 7243 4 97134 2 0 (1998)

AUS         EMI 7243 4 97134 2 0 (1998)


                Larry Norman cover

                Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music



                    Cliff Richard also appears on "Greenbelt Live."

                    Other songs include "Devil Woman," "When Two Worlds Drift Apart," "Love On (Shine On)," "I'm Nearly Famous," "Nothing Left For Me To Say," "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)," "Don't Move Away," "Green Light," "No One Waits," "Lovers," "Needing A Friend," "A Brand New Song," "Help It Along," "Power To All Our Friends," and "Fire And Rain."


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.