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70 Miles From Lebanon (2004)

Original DVD Release-Solid Rock SRV-862

Country: US DVD 2004

Front Side

Back Side


DVD Label


                DVD release

USA          Solid Rock SRV-862 (2004)


                Song listing

PART ONE (46:12)

                Beginning/The Outlaw

                God Part Three


                Growing Up (spoken)

                The Great American Novel

                God In Court (spoken)

                Six Sixty Six

                Audience Survey (spoken)

                Song For A Small Circle Of Friends


PART TWO (57:00)

                Walk On (spoken)

                I Wish We'd All Been Ready

                Music (spoken)

                My Sister Nancy (spoken)

                You Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog

                Follow The Drinking Gourd

                Swing Low

                My Feet Are On The Rock

                The Rock That Doesn't Roll

                Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

                Talking About The War (spoken)

                Amazing Grace



                Dinner party with Larry-oke



                    This concert took place in Beaverton, Oregon on October 18, 2003 and was billed as Larry's last concert.


                    Larry sang "You Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around" and "Follow The Drinking Gourd" with his sister, Nancy. Larry's son Michael, Kristin, and Charles also joined in for several songs.


                    The "Special Feature" section shows the dinner party that occurred after the concert as well as the "Larry-oke" and group songs.


                    A PAL version of this DVD was released as well.


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.