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Back To America (1985)

Original LP Release - Stress ST-001

Country: US Single slip 1985

Note: This version has the catalog number on the cover.

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Front Side

Back Side


                LP release

US           Stress ST-001 (1985)


                Cassette release

US           Stress STC-001 (1985)


                Song listing

Side 1       Messiah (Live)

                                Shorter intro but the same as on "Stop This Flight"

                It's Only Today That Counts

                                New version, 1985?

Side 2       Stop This Flight

                                From "Stop This Flight"

                Soul On Fire

                                1974 version, full version on "Down Under (But Not Out)"

                A Woman Of God (Proverbs 31)

                                Studio version, full version on "Rehearsal For Reality"

                And We Sing The Tune

                                Studio version

                If The Bombs Fall

                                Studio version

                Letter To A Friend

                                New song



                    On side two of this short, promotional LP Larry Norman gets interviewed according to the cover, but it seems more like a monologue! Maybe this was meant as an "open-ended" interview? Also included are samples of the songs listed.


                    This LP appeared with and without the catalog number (ST-001) on the cover.


                    "Soul On Fire" is listed with "(1968 version);" it refers to the lyrics, it's not recorded in 1968 but in 1974. It's the same version as on "Down Under (But Not Out)"


                    On this record Larry Norman says that "Woman Of God" was written in England, in 1981.


                    STC-001 appears on the j-card but the cassette shell has ST-001.*


                    "Letter To A Friend" is the same song as "Letters To The Church," but only Larry Norman sings - no duet on this one (see "Home At Last" and "Live At Flevo"). This version seems to be the same as "Letter To The Church" on the "Rough Street Love Letter" double CD.


   All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were added by Jim Bthel.