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Bootlegs & Basement Tapes (2001?)


Original CD Release-La GaRaGe WrEcKuRdZ Records LGDM-701

Country: US CD 2001?

Bootlegs & Basement Tapes - Front Cover 

Bootlegs & Basement Tapes - Rear Cover 

Front Side

Back Side

Bootlegs & Basement Tapes - Disc
CD Label


                CD release

US          La GaRaGe WrEcKuRdZ Records LGDM-701 (2001?)


                Larry Norman cover

                Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation



                    Other songs include, "Cross Country," "They Can't Reach U," "Heart 2 U," "Just Do It," "I Don't Know," "Fight On," "How Long," and "Shake Up The People," which is a Larry Norman tribute that also appears on "Fresh Lions."


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.