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Christian People, Volume 1 (1973)


Original LP Release - Lamb & Lion LL-1005

Country: US Single slip? 1973


Front Side

Back Side



                LP release

USA         Lamb & Lion LL-1005 (1973)


                Larry Norman cover

                I Wish We'd All Been Ready


                    It is possible that there are cassette and 8-track releases as well.

                    Other songs include, "Christian People," (Andraé Crouch & The Disciples) "Medley: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man," (Imperials) "Can I Show You," (Children Of The Day) "Jesus Is Coming Soon," (First National Jesus Band) "One Way," (Danny Lee & Children Of Truth) "Me And Jesus," (Pat Boone & First National Jesus Band) "Amen, Praise The Lord," (Debby Kerner) "Too Close," (Andraé Crouch & The Disciples) "I'm So Happy," (2nd Chapter Of Acts) "It Won't Be Long," (Archers) and, "A Brighter Day," (Imperials).


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.