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Come As A Child (1983)

Original LP Release-Phydeaux ARF-86

Country: US Single slip 1983

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Front Side

Back Side


Original CD Release-"Phydeaux Retrospective Series" Solid Rock SRD-802

Country: US CD 2000

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Front Side

Back Side

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CD Label


                LP release

USA         Phydeaux ARF-86 (1983)


                CD release

USA         Solid Rock SRD-802 (2000)


                Cassette release

USA         Phydeaux ARF-86 (1983)


                Song listing

Side 1       U.F.O.

                I Hope I'll See You In Heaven

                Why Can't You Be Good

                Singing At The White House


                The Great American Novel

Side 2       Nightmare

                Six, Sixty, Six


                The Outlaw

                Heaven And Hell


                Strong Love, Strange Peace



                    Acoustic live solo album with an introduction by Barry McGuire, released with both a blue and a purple cover.  Released as a "Special limited edition release for the benefit of the Calcutta Mission."


                    "Strong Love, Strange Peace" is with electric piano instead of guitar and I don't think it's a live recording. It differs from the version released on the "In Another Land" CD, which is more orchestrated and has classical piano.


                    The CD release doesn't have bonus tracks or linear notes.


All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.