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Covermania (1996)


Original CD Release-Pila Music
CD 33126-2


Country: Germany Double CD 1996

Covermania - Side One 

Covermania - Side Two 

Front Side

Back Side

Covermania - Disc One

Covermania - Disc Two

Disc One

Disc Two

                CD release

GER         Pila Music CD 33126-2 (1996)


                Larry Norman song

                Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music

                                Covered by Geoff Moore



                    Other songs include, "Turn, Turn, Turn," (Pam Thum), "Big Yellow Taxi," (Amy Grant), "I Can See Clearly Now," (Geoff Moore), "Another Day In Paradise," (Commissioned), "Put A Little Love In Your Heart," (Julie Miller), "Bridge Over Troubled Water," (Pat Garcia), "People Get Ready," (Margaret Becker), "Along The Road," (Ashton, Becker & Dente), "I'm A Pilgrim," (Lost Dogs), "Be In My Heart," (Phil Keaggy), "Crying In The Chapel," (Allies), "Weeping Eyes," (Heaven Bound), "Vincent," (Jeff Johnson), "Fly Like An Eagle," (Riki Michele), "What's Going On," (Troy Johnson), "If I Had A Hammer," (Pat Garcia), "I Say A Little Prayer," (DBA), "40 (Ambient Mix)," (Disco Saints), "I'll Take You There," (Heaven Bound), "Jesus Is Just Alright With Me," (DC Talk), "Kyrie," (AVB), "Lean On Me," (Cae Gauntt), "Won't Get Fooled Again," (The Brothers), "Serve Somebody," (Johnny Q. Public), "Oh Well," (Tourniquet), "Respect Yourself," (Big Tent Revival), "Twist In My Sobriety," (Split Level), "Gimme Shelter," (Holy Soldier), "Oars," (Uthanda), "Stand By Me," (Darrel Mansfield), "Go Tell It On The Mountain," (Limit X), and "Amazing Grace," (Chrystal Lewis).


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.