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Down Under (But Not Out) (1986)

Original LP Release - Phydeaux ARF-377

Country: US Single slip 1986

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Back Side


LP Release - Royal Music RMLP-025

Country: Sweden Single slip 1986

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Original CD Release-Phydeaux PRD-017

Country: US CD 2006

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CDR Label


CDR Release-"Illegal Noise Series"
No Label No Number


Country: US CDR 2001

Note: Rear cover has "Illegal Noise Series" in blue.

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CDR Label


CDR Release-"Illegal Noise Series"
No Label No Number


Country: US CDR 2001

Note: Rear cover has "Illegal Noise Series" in red.

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CDR Release-"60th Birthday Reissue"
Solid Rock SRA-SRD-124


Country: US CDR 2007

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CDR Label


CD Release-"Royal Box"
Royal Music RMBOX 074/RMCD-025


Country: Sweden CD 2008
Note: This release is part of a 9-CD Royal Music retrospective release.
Royal Box (9 CD) Cover
Royal Box (9CD) Label

Down Under - Side One 

Down Under - Side Two 

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Down Under - CD

CD Label


                LP releases

USA         Phydeaux ARF-377 (1986)

SWE        Royal Music RMLP-025 (1986)


                CD/CD-R releases

USA         Phydeaux PRD-017 (1996)

USA         Illegal Noise Series (no number) (2001) CD-R

                (released as "Over & Out")

USA         Solid Rock SRA-SRD-124 (2007) CD-R

SWE        Royal Music RMCD-025 (2008) Part of RMBOX 074)


                Cassette releases

USA         Phydeaux ARF-024 (1988)

AUS         Stress (no number) (1984)

SWE        Royal Music RMC-025 (1986)


                Song listing original LP release

Side 1       Riding High*

                                B-side of the "Organ Grinder" 45 by People

                Ashes Of Me

                                B-side of the "Apple cider" 45 by People

                Somebody Tell Me My Name

                                B-side of the "I Love You" 45 by People

                I've Got You On My Mind*

                                From "People: Both Sides Of People"

                Hasty Heart*

                                From "People: Both Sides Of People"

Side 2       I Love You

                                Alternative version by People

                Letter From The President

                                B-side of the 45 by the Flies

                Sweet Song Of Salvation*

                                From "Upon This Rock"

                What Goes Thru Your Mind*

                                From "Bootleg"

                I've Searched All Around The World*

                                From "Bootleg"

Side 3       I Hope I'll See You In Heaven*

                                Studio recording from 1973, see notes of

                                "So Long Ago The Garden"

                Soul On Fire*

                                From "Orphans From Eden", unreleased, 1974

                Stop This Flight*

                                1978 (?), studio version (see notes)

                When Messiah Comes

                                198?, instrumental, demo

                You're Out Of My System*

                                1984, studio version

Side 4       Why Can't You Be Good*

                                1976 probably, studio version, recorded for

                                the album "Le Garage Du Monde" (unreleased)

                Why Should The Devil*

                                80's, live recording (recorded in Australia)

                I'm Gonna Write A Song About You

                                80's, studio recording

                If The Bombs Fall*

                                80's, studio recording, different from "Bombs"

                                on "Back To America"


                                80's, instrumental studio recording, probably

                                by Charles Norman with no Larry Norman



                Extra tracks on the Phydeaux cassette (1)

                We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus

                                From the "People: I Love You" LP


                                From "People: Both Sides Of People"

                Organ Grinder

                                A-side of first 45 by People


                Extra tracks on the Phydeaux cassette (2) (mispress?)

                We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus

                                From the "People: I Love You" LP


                                From "People: Both Sides Of People"

                Righteous Rocker

                                Altered version of the 1972 MGM single

                                (probably an 80's remix)


                Song listing Royal Music LP, cassette, and CD

Side 1       Riding In The Saddle

                                Partly spoken

                Hard Luck Bad News Blues

                                From "Something New Under The Son"

                Country Church, Country People

                                From "The Story Of The Tune"

                Riding High

                                See US LP listing

                Somebody Tell Me My Name

                                See US LP listing

                Soul On Fire

                                See US LP listing

                Righteous Rocker

                                See second cassette listing

Side 2       Shot Down

                                From "In Another Land"

                Watch What You're Doing

                                From "Something New Under The Son" (see notes)

                Give It Up

                                Instrumental, 80's recording

                Why Should The Punk

                                See US LP listing

                More Precious Than Jewels

                                Instrumental version of "Woman Of God",

                                80's recording

                If The Bombs Fall

                                See US LP listing


                                80's recording


                Extra songs on the Illegal Noise CD-R (all Royal Music tracks are included as well)

                Opposite Me

                                From unreleased acetate

                Giant Man

                                From unreleased acetate

                Apple Cider

                                Instrumental version, from unreleased acetate



                    This is a Larry Norman compilation issued to celebrate 30 years of Larry Norman artistry. It features tracks from the People period and other early classics combined with most studio tracks from the 70's and first half of the 80's (side 3 & 4). The US double album has a regular cover. This one might be referred to as "Thirty Years 1956 - 1986"


                    Originally this album was released on cassette in Australia. It was offered to new subscribers to the magazine "On Being". Along with the tape came a "booklet," which was a special Larry Norman edition of "On Being." The Australian tape features the songs of side 1, 2, and 3 of the US double LP. It's subtitled "A chronological history (1966 1984)" on the J-card.


                    The Australian tape has a complete version of "Stop This Flight" - it's exactly the same as the LP & CD version but longer. It has been re-released on the CD "Gathered Moments (Somewhere In This Lifetime)" The CD booklet of "Gathered Moments" says "Stop This Flight" is from ca. 1985. The "On Being" booklet says 1978. The original Australian tape is from 1984.


                    "When Messiah Comes" is an instrumental demo recording according to the "On Being" booklet. The booklet also says that a more completed version of "When Messiah Comes" can be found on the album "World War Six" (which is an album by a band called The Ampz!?).


                    There are at least two copies of the Phydeaux tape; one has "Organ Grinder," the other one has a version of "Righteous Rocker" instead. This second version might be a mispress cassette. Other extra tracks on both cassettes are "We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus" and "Think."


                    "Righteous Rocker" on Phydeaux' second "Down Under" tape is the same version as on the Swedish version of "Down Under" (also on "The Best Of Larry Norman") but shorter. It's very similar to the 1972 MGM single version ("Righteous Rocker, Holy Roller" or "Without Love") and to "Righteous Rocker #2" on the self-titled Australian LP ("Larry Norman)."


                    The 1996 Phydeaux CD has 14 tracks from the original double album although "Soul On Fire" is listed with "(nitelite mix)" and "Stop This Flight" is listed with "(first demo)" as on CAS ARF-024. There are no aural differences. The tracks of the 1996 CD are marked with an asterisk in the song listing.


                    In 2001 Larry Norman released the CD-R "Over & Out," containing three unreleased People songs. See "People: I Love You" for more details.


                    The Swedish release of this album is very different from the US releases and its songs are therefore listed separately. It (some?) came with a four-page insert ("Excerpts from On Being") and a printed inner sleeve. "Riding In The Saddle" is part of some interview in which Larry Norman explains what kind of songs he wrote back in the fifties. "Watch What You're Doing" is the "Little Joe Billy" version with intro (same as on the Phydeaux tape of "Something New Under The Son)." "Trinity" is listed as "Trinity (spoken)" but Larry Norman only gives a spoken introduction to this (short) song.


                    The 2007 CD-R release includes the same songs and song order as the 1996 original Phydeaux CD release. (Jim Böthel)


                    There is a 2008 CD re-release of "Down Under" from Royal Music (RMCD 025), which is part of a 9 CD re-release (RMBOX 074) commemorating the "Royal Years" from 1978-2008. Artists included in this retrospective are SALT, Koinonia, Edin & Adahl, Andraé Crouch, Tata Vega, Alex Acuña, Q Stone, and Jessy Dixon. (Jim Böthel)


                    The 2008 CD re-release of "Down Under" includes the same songs and song order as the previous Royal Music releases. However, "Righteous Rocker" is incorrectly titled as "Righteous Rockers." (Jim Böthel)



   All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen except where otherwise noted.