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Frank Black And The Catholics (1998)

(Frank Black And The Catholics)

Original CD Release-Play It Again Sam BIAS 370 X

Country: US Double CD 1998



Front Side

Back Side


                CD release

USA         Play It Again Sam BIAS 370 X (1998)


                Larry Norman song

                Six Sixty Six



                    Other songs include, "All My Ghosts," "Back To Rome," "Do You Feel Bad About It," "Dog Gone," "I Gotta Move," "I Need Peace," "King And Queen Of Siam," "Solid Gold," "Steak 'n' Sabre," "Suffering," "Man Who Was Too Loud," "All My Ghosts (reprise)" "Living On Soul," "Humboldt County Massacre," and "Changing Of The Guards)."


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.