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Gathered Moments (Somewhere In This Lifetime) (1998)

Original CD Release-Howling Dog HDR-701

Country: US CD 1998

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CD Label


Original CD Release-Howling Dog HDR-701

Country: US CD 1998
Note: This is the "sunburned Larry" cover version.

Gathered Moments - Side One 

Gathered Moments - Side Two 

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                CD release

USA         Howling Dog HDR-701 (1998)


                Song listing

                Without You

                                Live, solo, 1977, written by Ted Sandquist

                If I Were A Singer

                                Live, solo, 1977, written by Larry Norman

                                and Steve Camp

                You Got The Blues

                                Live, solo, 1979

                Watch What You're Doing

                                Previously unreleased studio version, 1976


                                A 1974-78 studio recording from the

                                "Rough Mix" tape (see "Something New Under The Son"

                                and "Rough Mix #1, #2")

                Parson Brown

                                A 1976 studio recording from the "Rough Mix" tape

                                (see "Something New Under The Son" and

                                "Rough Mix #1, #2")


                                Live with The Young Lions, 1985 (see

                                "Rough Mix #1, #2")

                Stop This Flight

                                Studio recording from 1978 or 1984? CD says

                                ca. 1985 from the Australian cassette

                                "Down Under (But Not Out)" (see notes there)

                If You Don't Love The Lord

                                From the cassette compilation

                                "The Strait Tapes - Volume 1" (UK), a studio

                                recording from 1984

                What's Wrong With This Body

                                Live, solo, 1984

                Twist And Shout

                                Live, solo, 1987, not listed, written by Bert

                                Russell and Phil Medley

                Unlucky Blues

                                Live, solo, 1987, this is in fact

                                "Born To Be Unlucky"

                I Dance Before The Lord

                                Live rehearsal with band, early 90's probably, this

                                is "My Feet Are On The Rock" retitled

                Slow Fast

                                Live, solo

                Dove L'etude (Top 40 Survey #2)

                                Live, solo, 1994

                Standing At The Crossroads

                                Live with band, 1985

                Rock The Flock

                                Live, solo, 90's (might be a song from

                                "Pushing Back The Darkness")

                A Woman Not A Maid

                                Live, solo, 1980

                Talking About Love

                                Live in a hotel, solo, no audience



                    This CD, "compiled, produced, and edited by Terry Leskewich and John Wood," features unreleased songs, a couple of unreleased (live) versions of songs and a couple of released but rare versions of songs. They're from the 70's, 80's, and 90's and most of 'em are live recordings.


                    "Watch What You're Doing" has an extra verse (about an unfaithful woman; the one about Little Joe Billy is not on this version).


                    The original booklet says "Standing At The Crossroads" is from 1995. This should be 1985; it's corrected on the second pressing of the booklet. This song has a Jimi Hendrix like intro (subtitle for this song as given in the booklet: "Ghost Of Jimi Mix") and has some references to "Johnny B. Goode" (a Chuck Berry song). The title was taken from the legendary Robert Johnson song "Crossroad Blues", but the way it's performed here, was obviously inspired by Eric Clapton's version of this song as done by The Cream (1968). The words are different though.


                    See "Live At Flevo" for more details on "Twist And Shout."


                    According to the GM booklet "Twist and Shout" and "Unlucky Blues" are from 1988. These tracks also appeared on the 4CD set "Rough Diamonds, Precious Jewels (The Belfast Bootlegs)" where they are dated 5 May 1987. I assumed that this information is more accurate and that's why 1987 is given in the song listing above.


                    There's a CD-R released by Terry Leskewich which is without "Parson Brown" and features a full-length version of "Talkin 'Bout Love" (from some hotel tapes of Larry Norman with his son Michael). The ending of "If I Were A Singer" has a complete fade out which is different from the common version.


                    A follow-up release of "Gathered Moments" has been announced and then postponed. This CD might contain covers of Woody Guthrie ("Jesus Christ"?) and Bob Dylan tunes amongst other unreleased material.


  All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.