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Geluidskatalogus (1984)

Original Cassette Release-GMI EW 002

Country: Holland Cassette 1984

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                Cassette release

NL           GMI Records EW 002 (1984)


                Larry Norman songs

                Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

                The Outlaw

                Readers Digest



                    This tape release was a promotion for gospel LPs released in 1983-1984. The songs on this compilation are from Larry Norman's Phydeaux re-release of "Only Visiting This Planet.


                    Other artists: Petra, Randy Stonehill, Mark Williamson Band, Twila Paris, Leslie Phillips, Glad, Leon Patillo, Lose To Win, G. Aaron, Wayne Watson, Praise Symp. Orch., Paul Stookey, Sweet Comfort Band, Kenny Marks, Mylon LeFevre, Quickflight, Steve Taylor, Rez Band, Dan Peek, Perfect Peace, Michael W. Smith, Norman Luboff Singers, Maria Muldauer, and Koinonia.


All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen, but with minor updates by Jim Böthel.