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Greenbelt Live (1979)

Original LP Release - Marshalls MRT 1001

Country: UK Gatefold 1979

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Front Side

Back Side


                LP release

UK          MRT 1001 (1979)


                Larry Norman song

                Let The Tape Keep Rolling



                    Live album with booklet and poster. These are recordings from the 1979 Greenbelt festival in Odell, Bedfordshire, UK.

                    Larry Norman's track can also be found on the CD versions of "In Another Land." 

                    "Live At Greenbelt" is a CD-R that was released in 2005 and covers Randy Stonehill's concert at the 1979 Greenbelt festival.

                    Other artists: Bryn Haworth, Giantkiller, Lamb, Cliff Richard, Kainos, Garth Hewitt, Vatten, Aleksander John, and Randy Stonehill.


All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.