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Irish Immigrant (1995)

Original VHS PAL Release-Sound International No Number

Country: Ireland VHS PAL 1995

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Front Side

Back Side


                VHS PAL release

IRE          Sound International No number (1995)


                Song listing

                Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation

                Woman Of God


                I Wish We'd All Been Ready

                Song For A Small Circle Of Friends

                Its Only Today That Counts


                If The Bombs Fall

                The Outlaw

                Goodbye, Farewell

                Great American Novel


                Rock That Doesn't Roll



                    No one has quite captured the Belfast audience like Larry Norman. This video, (taken from the private archives of Sound International)), documents all his concerts in the city from 1985-1995, with some of his very best performances caught on camera. (from the back cover)


                    According to the producer, Trevor King, only 200? of these videos were made.


                    This video has only been released in VHS PAL (European) format.


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.