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Jubilation (1975)

Original LP Release - Myrrh MST-6555

Country: US Single slip 1975

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Front Side

Back Side


                LP release

USA         Myrrh MST-6555 (1975)


                Larry Norman song

                Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn



                    This is a double album with a Larry Norman original that was finally re-released on the CD "Sticks & Stones" (a demo version was released on the "So Long Ago The Garden" CD).


                    Other artists: Barry McGuire, Lamb, The Sonlight Orchestra, Randy Matthews, Petra, Walt Mills, Ron Salsbury & J.C. Power Outlet, Evie, Parchment, The Pat Terry Group, Second Chapter Of Acts, Ray Hildebrand, Honeytree, Aleksander John, Love Song, Malcolm & Alwyn, Ken Medema, Chuck Girard/Love Song, and Marijohn.


All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.