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Live At Flevo, Holland 1989 (2009?)

Original DVD-R Release-Solid Rock


Country: US DVD 2009?

Live At Flevo - Side One 

Live At Flevo - Side Two 

Front Side

Back Side

Live At Flevo - DVD

DVD Label


                DVD release

USA          Solid Rock SRVX-002 (2009?)


                Song listing

                Everybody Work/Twist And Shout/Shout

                Why Should The Devil...

                The Rock That Doesn't Roll

                I Am A Servant

                I Wish We'd All Been Ready



                Bonus Tracks

                My Feet Are On The Rock

                Nightmare #49 (Part 1)

                He Really Loves You 




                    This concert took place in Flevo, Holland 1989.


                    "This is the visual counterpart to the acclaimed Live at Flevo CD that Solid Rock released years ago. We finally got a taped copy of the original Dutch television broadcast of the concert and are offering it here for the first time. It's pretty amazing. Larry is in his prime, the backup band featuring Q-Stone and Charly is tight and fierce, and the audience of thousands is in a frenzy. It's probably the best L.N. band concert footage ever caught on film. Having been transferred from two decade old tape it's not what you'd call hi-def video. It's rough, raw, and very rock and roll. Everything you'd expect from a Larry Norman band concert. You've heard the CD. Now you can see the concert. Don't miss it!." (from the official Larry Norman website)

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