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Live At The Cavern Club (2009)

Original CD Release-Solid Rock SRDX-008

Country: US Double CD 2009

The Cavern Club - Side One 

The Cavern Club - Side Two 

Front Side

Back Side

The Cavern Club - Disc One          The Cavern Club - Disc Two

CDR Label


                CD release

USA         Solid Rock SRDX-008 (2009)


                Song listing


                Intro/Six Sixty Six

                God Part III

                She Had Me By The Hair

                Twist And Shout


                Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music

                Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

                The Outlaw

                Sweet Song Of Salvation

                In My Life

                Wouldn't It Be Loverly


                Woman Of God



                Gene Vincent And Russia



                One Way

                Shot Down

                I Am A Servant

                When The Bombs Fall

                When I First Saw You

                If You'll Be My Woman

                And We Sing The Tune

                The Tune


                The Rock That Doesn't Roll



                   "On August 9th, 2001 Larry performed a remarkable concert in Liverpool, England. The Cavern Club was the venue the Beatles played at before they became famous, and Larry couldn't help but be inspired by playing at a club that had been legendary among music fans for nearly 40 years. In attendance that night was Dougie Adams, who said "I love the Cavern Club gig because it shows Larry at his bravest and gutsiest operating in the midst of adversity and still making us smile and making us think and almost certainly changing a life or two as he did so. This was one of Larry's last concerts before he survived an emergency quadruple bypass operation in November 2001. By the time Larry next performed in public it was clear he was never able to sing or perform quite the same way again."

Most "Live in Concert" CDs have been carefully edited and had mistakes removed, etc. But on Larry Norman - Live at the Cavern Club we've taken a different approach. We've decided to release the recording intact as an historical document of an exceptional evening. Apart from having to remove a couple of songs so the concert could fit on two CDs, from start to finish we've edited nothing out, not even the intro music or the promoter's stage patter. We recommend you turn on your stereo, turn down the lights, and pretend that you are there in the dank, dark cellar known as the Cavern Club, watching Larry having a good time while putting on a great concert." (The Official Larry Norman webpage)


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.