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Rehearsal For Reality (1986)

Original LP Release - Royal Music


Country: Sweden Single slip 1986

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Front Side

Back Side


Original CDR Release-"Illegal Noise Series" No Label No Number

Country: US CDR 2001

Note: Rear cover has "Illegal Noise Series" in blue.

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Front Side

Back Side


CDR Label


Original CDR Release-"Illegal Noise Series" No Label No Number

Country: US CDR 2001

Note: Rear cover has "Illegal Noise Series" in red.

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Front Side

Back Side


CDR Release-Solid Rock SRD-850

Country: US CDR 2005

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Back Side


CDR Label


                LP release

SWE        Royal Music RMLP-023 (1986)


                CD release

USA         Illegal Noise Series (no number) (2001) CD-R

USA         Solid Rock SRD-850 (2005) CD-R


                Cassette release

SWE        Royal Music RMC-023 (1986)


                Song listing

Side 1       Why Can't You Be Good

                                From "Down Under (But Not Out)" (US album)

                I Feel Like Dying

                                From "Something New Under The Son"

                More Than A Dream

                                Previously unreleased

                Zimmy Finds His Father


                Broken Bonds, Fallen Friendship


                If You Don't Love The Lord, You'll Fall

                                Previously unreleased

Side 2       Woman Of God

                                First & shorter release on "Back To America"

                Voices In The Night

                                Previously unreleased

                A Dream Come True


                Gonna Write A Song About You For The Radio

                                From "Down Under (But Not Out)"

                It's Only Today That Counts

                                Same as the "Back To America" version


                                From "Down Under (But Not Out)",

                                see there for more details!


                Bonus Tracks on Solid Rock CDR (2006)

                Studio Messiah

                Voices - Original

                How I Lost My Life And Found My Soul

                Stuck In America


                Watching The Eclipse




                    This is a compilation album with some new songs. It came with a printed inner sleeve. On the front cover the title is given as "Rehearsal 4 Reality."


                    A Phydeaux album with this title has never been released (see "The Story Of The Tune)."


                    "More Than A Dream" was probably not written by Larry Norman, but by Steve Scott. It can also be found on the "Rough Street Love Letter" double CD. Steve Scott's vocals might have been erased.


                    In 2001 Larry Norman released a CD-R taken from a bootleg. It's an exact copy of the LP version.


                    Word UK released a promotional tape 1986/87, titled "XTRAX 2" (MOM C 8). It featured "Woman Of God" by Larry Norman taken from the "Rehearsal For Reality" LP.


                    The Solid Rock CDR 2005 release includes the original songs as well as eight bonus tracks (see listing at left).


   All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.