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Rough Mix 2 (2011)

Original CDR Release-Solid Rock SRDX-IN1

Country: US CDR (Double) 2011

Rough Mix 2 

Rough Mix 2 - Side Two 

Front Side

Back Side

Rough Mix 2 - Disc One

Rough Mix 2 - Disc Two

Disc One

Disc Two


                CDR release

                Solid Rock SRDX-IN1 (2011)


                Song listing

Disc 1      It's Only Today That Counts

                Deep Blue

                Feeling So Bad

                Jesus Christ


                Hard Luck Bad News

                Let The Tape Keep Rolling

                                Here titled, "Let The Tapes Keep Rolling" and

                                "Let That Tape Keep Rolling" 

Disc 2      If I Got My Ticket

                Country Church Country People

                Watch What You're Doing

                The Tune

                Swing Low

                Put Your Life Into His Hands

                Parson Brown

                Born To Be Unlucky



                   "The Illegal Noise Series returns! This bootleg of studio recordings Larry made in the mid-'70s has been circulating among collectors for three and a half decades now. It contains a collection of songs from disparate projects, one of which eventually culminated in Larry's album Something New Under The Son, while the rest were put on the perpetual back burner. All of the tracks here are different than the mixes and versions which eventually saw the light of day. Now, after all these years, we're making this bootleg an official release. The original contained a few dropouts and abrupt endings which we've cleaned up and corrected for a better listening experience. Even if you already have Something New or some of the other tracks we know you'll find this bootleg very interesting." (from the official Larry Norman website)


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.