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Stop This Flight (1985)

Original LP Release - Phydeaux ARF-607

Country: US Single slip 1985

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Front Side

Back Side


LP Release - DTS DS-010

Country: Australia Single slip 1985

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Back Side


LP Release - Concorde ARF-607

Country: New Zealand Single slip 1985

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LP Release - Royal Music RMLP-021

Country: Sweden Single slip 1986

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Original CD Release-Phydeaux SRD-607

Country: US CD 1997

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CD Label


CDR Release-"60th Birthday Reissue"
Solid Rock SRA-SRD-120


Country: US CDR 2007

Stop This Flight (60th Birthday Reissue) - Side One 

Stop This Flight (60th Birthday Reissue) - Side Two 

Front Side

Back Side


CDR Label


                CD/CD-R releases

USA         Phydeaux SRD-607 (1997)

USA         Solid Rock SRA-SRD-120 (2007)


                Cassette releases

USA         Phydeaux ARF-607C (1985)

AUS         DTS DSC-010 (1985)

SWE        Royal Music RMC-021 (1986)


                12 inch single release

USA         Solid Rock 43513: Stop This Flight / Everybody Work (1985)


                Song listing original LP

Side 1       Finchian Etude


                Stop This Flight

                A Woman Of God (Proverbs 31)

                What's Wrong With This Body

                Don't You Wanna Talk About It

Side 2       And We Sing The Tune

                Out Of My System #1

                I Hope I'll See You In Heaven



                Extra tracks on CD

                Radio Interview

                What's Wrong With This Body

                                Not Listed



                    This is a live album with band, recorded at the Dallas Brooks Hall in Melbourne, Australia (June 15th 1984). These are all new songs.


                    The CD release has a "radio interview" (Larry Norman gives information on all of the titles on this album) and an unlisted studio version of "What's Wrong With This Body." The cover art differs from the original LP version.


                    The Australian album had "Phydeaux" and "ARF-607" on the cover but this cover is only a reprint from the US cover. On the labels it says "DTS DS-010" and there's no mention of Phydeaux ARF-607. This album came with an insert.


                    There's a promotional ad from 1985 where a new Stress single is mentioned containing "Messiah." I don't think this one was released.


                    Unconfirmed but from a serious source: there might be another CD version of "Stop This Flight" with an almost identical track listing, from a different concert (recorded in the US)!??


                    ARF-607C appears on the j-card but the cassette shell has ARF-607. (Jim Böthel)


                    According to the labels, the 12 inch single (200 copies) was meant for the promotion of the yet unreleased album "Face To Face, Volume 2." The Phriends Of Phydeaux Stuff For Sale Internet page said that these songs were to be included on the unreleased "Back To America II (!?)." Both are live recordings which were also released on a Solid Rock compilation cassette ("Solid Rock Import The International Collection "). "Stop This Flight" from this 12 inch single is different from the "Stop This Flight" album version. The trail-off vinyl gives number 43513.


                    The 2007 CD-R release appears to be identical to the 1997 original Phydeaux CD release. (Jim Böthel)


   All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen except where otherwise noted.