The Rock That Doesn't Roll
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In Another Land* Sonrise Sampler CA Convention (Love Chapter - 1977) None
Roll Away The Stone Power Music Savior Of Men (Rafael - 1982)  
Live At Flevo New Generation Of Rock Rock Along: Whooz It (Gene Miller -1989)  
Omega Europa Contemporary Christian Hits '76 & '77 One Way (Larry Howard -1995)  
Shouting In The Storm Sonrise    
Live At The Mac      
In The Beginning      
Sticks And Stones      
The Belfast Bootlegs      
Rock, Scissors et Papier      
Live At Cornerstone 2001      
Road Rage      
The Final Concert      
On The Prowl
70 Miles From Lebanon      
The Very Best Of Larry Norman - Volume 2      
Underground Manouevers      
The Norman Conquest      
Wounded Lion      
Pot O' Gold (2007)