U.F.O. (UFO, Unidentified Flying Object)
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Bootleg* Wir Singen Fr Gott Tom And Candy Green (Tom And Candy Green - 1973) None
In Another Land   Something Supernatural (Pat Boone -1975)  
Come As A Child   Words (Doug Loomer - 1976?)  
Live At Flevo   One Way (Geoff Moore & The Distance - 1995)  
Children Of Sorrow   EP (Daniel's Window - 2002)  
Totally Unplugged      
Omega Europa      
Remixing This Planet      
Live At The Mac      
The Vineyard      
In The Beginning      
The Belfast Bootlegs      
Solid Rock Sampler 1      
Restless In Manhattan      
The Very Best Of Larry Norman      
Road Rage      
The Final Concert      
70 Miles From Lebanon      
Live At The Elsinore      
Ten Times Two      
Wounded Lion      
How Then Shall We Live?