Watch What You're Doing (Watch What You're Doin'!!)
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Roll Away The Stone* None Show Me That You Care (Don Whetstine - 1972?) None
Something New Under The Son   Great Big Noise (Arlen Salte - 1991)  
Down Under   Resolution (Politically Incorrect - 1994)  
White Blossoms From Black Roots   Fresh Lions (Mark Hootman - 2001)  
Totally Unplugged      
Gathered Moments      
Copper Wires      
Live At The Mac      
The Vineyard      
Blarney Stone      
Sticks And Stones      
The Best Of Larry Norman - UK      
The Belfast Bootlegs      
Heartland Junction      
On The Prowl      
The Very Best Of Larry Norman - Volume 2      
Live At The Elsinore      
Snapshots From The '77 World Tour (2005)      
Monsters (2006)      
Maximum Son (2006)      
Pot O' Gold (2007)      
Rough Mix 2 (2011)