Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music (Why Should The Devil, Why Should - Punk, Why Should The...Punk, Why Should The Devil...)
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Only Visiting This Planet* Contemporary Christian Hits - '86 &'87 Small Corners (Cliff Richard -1977) None
Roll Away The Stone Treff Jubileum Special Thank You Very Much (Cliff Richard -1979)  
Down Under Songs For Life (Lift Your Voice!) Island (Rick Roberts -1980)  
White Blossoms From Black Roots WoW Gold Walking In The Light (Cliff Richard -1984)  
Live At Flevo   Over The Edge (Geoff Moore - 1985)  
Rough Mix 3   The Distance? (Geoff Moore - 1987)  
Totally Unplugged   All The Good Music (Geoff Moore - 1988)  
Remixing This Planet   The B/W Project (B/W - 1992)  
Copper Wires   Evolution (Geoff Moore - 1993)  
Live At The Mac   One Way (Geoff Moore & The Distance - 1995)  
The Vineyard   Familiar Stranger (Geoff Moore - 1995)  
The Belfast Bootlegs   Greatest Hits (Geoff Moore - 1996)  
Agitator   Some Larry Norman Songs According To One Way (Jonas Groth - 1997)  
Live At Cornerstone 2001   TEN: The Birthday Album (Geoff Moore & The Distance - 1998)  
Restless In Manhattan   Yesterday Today Forever (Cliff Richard -1998)  
The Very Best Of Larry Norman   1970s (Cliff Richard -1998)  
Road Rage   1960s 1970s 1980s (Cliff Richard -1998)  
Heartland Junction   Glory Train: The Lost Sessions (Pat Boone - 2005)  
On The Prowl   Healing Love (Cliff Richard - Songs Of Inspiration - 2007)  
Live At The Elsinore      
Snapshots From The '77 World Tour      
Wounded Lion      
How Then Shall We Live?      
Face To Face (2007)      
Pot O' Gold (2007)