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Setting Fire To The Earth (1987)


Original CD Release-Label? Catalog #?

Country: US CD 1987

Setting Fire To The Earth - Side One 

Setting Fire To The Earth - Side One

Front Side

Back Side


                CD release

USA         Label? Catalog #? (1987)


                Cassette release

USA         Solid Rock SRI C027 (1987)



                    This cassette is a Solid Rock Import.

                    There may be a Royal Music/Solid Rock CD release as well.

                    Songs include "Flames Of Fire," "Saved," "The First And The Last," "I'm A Believer," "Don't Go Out," "Elijah On Carmel," "The Suffering Servant," "Get Up," and "Love Is Love."



All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.