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Sixty - The Trilogy Concert (2007)

Original CDR Release-Solid Rock SRD-T60

Country: US CDR (Double) 2007

Sixty - The Trilogy Concert 

Sixty - The Trilogy Concert 

Front Side

Back Side

Sixty - The Trilogy Concert          Sixty - The Trilogy Concert

CDR Labels


                CD-R release

USA         Solid Rock SRD-T60 (2007)


                Song listing - Only Visiting This Planet

                I've Got To Learn To Live Without You

                Righteous Rocker #1

                I Wish We'd All Been Ready

                Six O'Clock News

                Pardon Me

                Readers Digest



                Song listing - So Long Ago The Garden

                If God Is My Father

                Same Old Story

                Lonely By Myself

                Be Careful What You Sign

                I Hope I'll See You In Heaven

                Christmas Time

                She's A Dancer

                Soul Survivor

                Peace Pollution Revolution



                Song listing - In Another Land

                The Rock That Doesn't Roll

                Top 40 Survey


                I've Searched All Around The World

                The Son Began To Reign

                Shot Down

                Six Sixty Six

                I Am A Servant


                One Way

                Hymn To The Last Generation



                   "On April 20, 2007, Larry celebrated his 60th Birthday with a live band performance of his Trilogy albums; Only Visiting This Planet, So Long Ago The Garden, and In Another Land. The best cuts from each of the albums are showcased on this high quality 2 CD set containing 28 songs and over 90 minutes of music, stories, and observations. We think you're going to love this milestone performance of songs from Larry's most acclaimed albums." (The Official Larry Norman website)


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