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The Elsinore Rehearsals (2009?)

Original DVD-R Release-Solid Rock


Country: US DVD-R 2009?

The Elsinore Rehearsals - Side One 

The Elsinore Rehearsals - Side Two 

Front Side

Back Side

The Elsinore Rehearsals - DVD

DVD-R Label


                DVD-R release

USA          Solid Rock SRVX-001 (2009?)


                Song listing

The Chapters

                1. "What should we try first?"


                2. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

                3. "Do you think that's safer?"


                4. "We'll Get Better..."


                5. "Is that your camera?"


                6. Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music

                7. "Who's Gonna Cut That Song Off?"


                8. "Am I Playing On This One?"


                9. Twelve Good Men

                10. "What's The Other Song?"


                11. Watch What You're Doing

                12. "Are We Going To Stop On The Downbeat?"


                13. "On The End Of What?"


                14. "Are You Gonna Pass Out Mick Jagger Prayer Kits?"


                15. The Last Time

                                Traditional, Stones arrangement

                16. "Are You Gonna Do 1,2,3,4?"


                17. "Can Someone Tell Me What Time It Is?"



The Cast

                Larry Norman - Vox

                Charly Norman - Guitar

                Silver Sorensen - Bass

                Jason Carter - Drums

                Mark Lemhouse - Guitar

                Dan Cutrona - Piano

                Kristin Blix - Vox

                Nancy Jo Overmeyer - Vox

                Gary Pomeroy - Guitar

                Cloee - Barking and Scratching



                    This is a film by Derek Robertson.


                    "In preparation for the Elsinore concert, Larry and his friends and family members came together to work on material and go over songs to be included in the set list. Shot on video and expertly edited together by SRA member Derek Robertson, this film is a behind the scenes look at what it's like to be in a band rehearsing for an important appearance. Music, jokes, boredom, and laughter are interspersed with discussions on how to start and end songs, who will perform the instrumental solos, and all the other considerations that occur when a group of musicians are stuck in a small room for hours and hours. This is Larry as he was offstage and in his element. This is the Larry that we love and miss. And this is the video that we at Solid Rock find ourselves watching whenever we want to make smaller the distance between Salem and where Larry lives now, if only for a little while and if only in our hearts and minds...

We love this DVD and know that you will too. Thanks Derek, for capturing a fun time we spent with Larry one afternoon in 2005. (from the official Larry Norman website)

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