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The Vineyard (2009)

Original DVD Release-Solid Rock


Country: US DVD 2009

The Vineyard - Front 

The Vineyard - Back 

Front Side

Back Side

The Vineyard - Disc One         
The Vineyard - Disc Two

The Vineyard - Disc Three         
The Vineyard - Disc Four

DVD Labels


                DVD release

USA          Solid Rock DVD-SRVX-009 (2009)


                Song listing


                Feed The Poor


                Twelve Good Men

                Six Sixty Six

                Oh Little Sister

                God Part III

                The Great American Novel

                I Am Is

                Love Is The Reason



                Let It Go

                The Outlaw

                If I Were A Singer

                Problems With Rock And Roll


                Why Should The Devil...

                Reader's Digest

                My Feet Are On The Rock



                Talking To Hannah


                Watch What You're Doing

                I Wish We'd All Been Ready

                Protect My Child

                I Hope I'll See You In Heaven



                A Few Loaves And Smelly Fish


                Diamonds/One Way

                Shot Down

                Reaching The Beat Generation


                When You Sent Your Son

                No More LSD

                A Note From Mr. God

                Strong Love

                Love On Haight Street

                And We Sing The Tune

                If The Bombs Fall

                What Has God


                Endless Life Of Dreams

                Love And Heaven


                I Am A Servant




                    "This 4 DVD set (Yes, we said FOUR!) is the visual companion to Larry's CD The Vineyard, a very popular recording of his March 1998 concert at the church of the same name. You've heard the CD, Now SEE the DVD! We're offering this no-frills DVD at a very low price. The DVD is a ONE CAMERA shoot. No fancy cross-fades or multiple camera bamboozling! It's like you would have experienced the concert if you had been there. From one seat... not bouncing around to different seats every few seconds! The video and audio quality are top notch and the concert has long been regarded as a favorite among Larry's fans and friends. This DVD set is in NTSC format only (no European PAL version at this time)." (from the official Larry Norman website)


                    There is also a CD release of "The Vineyard."

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