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Apocryphal Of Wry (1992)

Original VHS Release-No Label No Number

Country: US VHS 1992

Front Side

Back Side


                VHS release

USA         No label (1992)


                Song listing


                Big Black Blackbird

                I Had A Dog


                Mendel's Peas

                If God Is My Father

                If I Were A Singer




                One Way

                Strong Love, Strange Peace

                Love On Haight Street

                When I First Met You

                If The Bombs Fall

                I Love You (1974)

                I Am A Servant



                    A wry and humorous look at life in a private concert Larry gave for friends and family up in Oregon. He performed many songs which he has never recorded on any album. It is a very unusual concert on many levels.


                    The performance was captured by a three camera crew under the instruction of producer Matthew Hough.


                    The video comes with a blank white cover and only the title is listed on the video itself.


                    The above notes are courtesy of Bryan Moore and can be found in his Compleat Discography (almost) V.3.8.


Bryan Moore's Compleat Discography was referenced for some of the information on this page.

All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.