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Barking At The Ants (1981)

Original LP Release - Phydeaux


Country: US Single slip 1981

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Front Side

Back Side


                LP release

USA         Phydeaux Bone-XOXO (1981)


                Single release

USA         Phydeaux 111: The Tune (Almost)

                (b-side: British invasion artists) (1981)


                Song listing

Side 1       The Tune (almost)

                                Short version

                Why Can't You Be Good

                                From "Larry Norman And His Friends On Tour"

                Just Like A Woman

                                Bob Dylan cover from "Before And After"

                                (unreleased), 1982?

                Deep Blue

                                From "Island In The Sky" (unreleased)



                    This LP features Larry Norman songs on side one and introduces "British invasion" artists Steve Scott, Alwyn Wall, Sheila Walsh, Mark Willamson, The Barratt Band, and Bryn Haworth on side two (also on side two of the single).


                    "The Tune" is shortened; the full-length version appeared on "The Story Of The Tune" (see "The Story Of The Tune"). "Just Like A Woman" is from an unreleased tribute album to Bob Dylan, called "Before And After"


                    The LP comes with an insert.


                    The single, listed above, was given away for free. It was meant for the promotion of "Barking At The Ants" and it was wrapped in a photo-copied piece of paper. This is the single that is mentioned on the inner sleeve of "Something New Under The Son" (US LP only).


                    See also LP "Barking At The Oops! Rough Mix #3" and CD "Rough Street Love Letter"


  All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.