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Birthday Ballroom (1996)

Original VHS Release-Street Level
No Number


Country: US VHS 1996

Front Side

Back Side


                VHS release

USA         Street Level Videos No Number (1996)


                Song listing

                Down The Line

                Elvis Has Left The Building

                God Part III


                Rock The Flock

                Happy Birthday & Dialogue


                Birthdays & Christmas


                A Woman Of God



                Weight Of The World

                Let The Rain Fall

                I Wish We'd All Been Ready




                    This video has white labels and a plain white cover.


                    The concert was filmed in Baltimore in 1996.


                    Larry and his friends celebrate his birthday with a special concert and some home movie clips. This is the only video Larry has made which looks into his personal surroundings and reveals a bit of his daily life. (from Bryan Moore's Compleat discography).


                    The video opens with home video clips of Larry at the doctors office as well as street scenes in Baltimore.


                    During Rock The Flock, Larry loses page two of the lyrics and ad libs a delightful replacement.


                    At the end of the video a message is displayed that this is the end of part one and that part two, which is also an hour long, can be purchased from Street Level Videos.


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.