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Boot Level - Various Artists (1992)


Original LP Release - Alternative/Stunt
ES 4014


Country: US Single slip 1992

Boot Level - Various Artists - Front Cover

Boot Level - Various Artists - Rear Cover

Front Side

Back Side


                LP release

US           Alternative/Stunt ES 4014 (1992)


                CD release

USA         Label? Catalog #? (?)



                    While this LP doesn't contain any Larry Norman covers, it is included as a tribute due to the Street Level album on the front cover and the "Street Level" back cover. The title, "Boot Level," was a play on both "Bootleg" and "Street Level." Additionally, seven different colors were used for the labels as that was the number of different label colors on "Street Level." 

                    The album was produced by Randy Layton.

                    The LP version had 100 copies in marble gray vinyl and 400 in black.

                    There was a CD released but without the insert. Instead, additional notes were added on the making of the album.

                    The album came with an insert and contains songs from the 77s, 2 LB Planet, RV, and Steve Scott. There are also several hidden tracks.


All release information and notes by Randy Layton and Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.