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Brotherly Love & Sisters Of Mercy (1994)

Original VHS Release-Street Level
No Number


Country: US VHS 1994

Front Side

Back Side


                VHS release

USA         Street Level Videos No Number (1994)


                Song listing

                Song For A Small Circle

                Larry's Health



                Introduction to God Part III


                God Part III


                Twelve Good Men

                The Bishop Of Norway


                Why Should The Devil

                I Hope Ill See You In Heaven

                Goodbye, Farewell

                The Rock That Doesn't Roll

                A Woman Of God

                Down The Line

                Promised Land

                Watch What You're Doing



                Don't Be Afraid Of Death


                Weight Of The World

                Let The Rain Fall

                The Outlaw

                Diamonds/One Way

                No More LSD For Me

                A Note From Mr. God

                If The Bombs Fall

                When I First Met You

                And We Sing The Tune

                The Tune

                I Am A Servant

                Raindrops Keep Fallin'

                                During credits



                    This video was filmed at Davisville Baptist Church on January 29, 1994.


                     "Goodbye, Farewell," "Down The Line," and "The Promised Land" had not been released at the time of this concert.


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.