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The Colossus Of Roads (2008)

Original CDR Release-Solid Rock SRDX-777

Country: US CDR 2008

The Colossus Of Roads - Side One 

The Colossus Of Roads - Side Two 

Front Side

Back Side

The Colossus Of Roads - CD

CDR Label


                CD-R release

USA         Solid Rock SRDX-777 (2009?)


                Song listing

                All Fall Down

                                Studio Demo

                You Gotta Have Jesus

                                Studio Demo

                A Note From Mr. God

                                Live With Band

                I Hope I'll See You In Heaven

                                Live With Band

                Man Of Constant Sorrow

                                Studio Demo

                Practicing Harmony w/ Randy Stonehill               

                Rehearsing w/ Randy Stonehill

                Uptown To Burbank

                                Randy Stonehill Studio Improvisation

                Why Can't You Be Good

                                Live With Band

                Be Careful What You Sign


                The One Way Sign And PTL

                It's Only Today That Counts

                                Live With Band

                Reader's Digest



                                Live With Steve (Camp) Stonebrook

                The Outlaw

                                Live Acappella



                   "This is the last CD that Larry compiled before he passed away in February, 2008. He had culled a bunch of songs from various master tapes and put together quite an impressive compilation of odds and ends that's quite fun to listen to. A few live versions of his more well known songs, a few outtakes from studio rehearsals for a never completed album, and a couple of cool clips of Larry and Randy Stonehill hanging out in the studio practicing harmony arrangements. This is a great CD for fans and friends alike! Fun too!." (The Official Larry Norman webpage)


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