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Face To Face (1986)

Original VHS Release-Street Level
No Number


Country: US VHS 1986

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Front Side

Back Side

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 Cover & Label


                VHS release

USA         Street Level Videos No Number (1986)


                Song listing

                Jammin The Transmission


                Song For A Small Circle

                Watching The Eclipse


                Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

                Stop This Flight

                A Woman Of God


                Why Should The Devil

                                Punk version

                Give It Up

                Everybody Work

                I'm Not Crying Any More


                I Hope I'll See You In Heaven

                Coda/Flight Reprise



                    Filmed in different countries around the world during the last seventeen years. This is a Rockumentary of Larry's career. Contains newer songs like Everybody Work and Give It Up as well as older classics like Why Should The Devil and Messiah. information courtesy of Bryan Moore's Compleat Discography.


                    The original release of this video has a color cover while the later version has white labels and a plain white cover. There is another version that has labels on the cover and tape.


                    The cassette, Solid Rock Import-The International Collection, was given away to those who ordered this video but had to wait a long time for its release.


                    A 12 inch single was released that referenced Face To Face, Volume 2, an unreleased album. It is uncertain whether this has any thing to do with the Face To Face video.


These images appear courtesy of Terry Leskewich.

All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.