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Face To Face (2007)


CDR Release-"60th Birthday Reissue"
Solid Rock SRA-SRD-125


Country: US CDR 2007

Face To Face 

Face To Face 

Front Side

Back Side

Face To Face

CDR Label


                CDR release

USA         Solid Rock SRA-SRD-125 (2007)


                Song listing

                Jammin' The Transmission


                Song For A Small Circle

                Watching The Eclipse


                Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

                Stop This Flight

                A Woman Of God


                Why Should The Devil

                                Punk version

                Give It Up (Dying To Self)

                Everybody Work

                I'm Not Crying Any More


                I Hope I'll See You In Heaven

                Coda/Flight Reprise



                  This soundtrack is being released as part of Larry's 60th birthday celebration on CD for the first time. The video, "Face To Face," was originally released in 1986.


                    "This disc takes us from a young performer, standing alone in a television studio and singing with his simple Mexican guitar to a Young Lion prowling the stage with his band-mates in Germany, Australia, England. It ends with a quiet performance laced with both laughter and tears. (Oliver North, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and many other performers attended his performance and each paid homage to Larry by announcing that they were abandoning the set list they had prepared and were going to sing from their hearts. There were tears and confessions all night long from some of America's top gospel artists)." (The Official Larry Norman website)


                    "This disc includes the lesser known song "Give It Up," from which Larry has quoted often during the weekend of his 60th birthday celebrations. He finally revealed what the lyrics meant to those who were in attendance." (The Official Larry Norman website)



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