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Familiar Stranger (1995)

(Geoff Moore)

Original CD Release-Benson CD04308

Country: Canada CD 1995

Familiar Stranger - Front Cover

Familar Stranger - Rear Cover

Front Side

Back Side


                CD release

CDN         Benson CD04308 (1995)


                Larry Norman cover

                Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music



                    It is possible that there is a cassette release as well.

                    This version of "Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music" is not the duet with Larry Norman.

                    Geoff Moore has covered this song on other albums.

                    Other songs include "Never Wanna Go Back," "Love The One You Live In," "Build The House," "Didn't He," "Familiar Stranger," "Make Up Your Mind," "Where Are The Other Nine?" "Over The Edge," "Open Your Eyes," "Inside Out," and "One Heart."


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.