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Forefront Records: The Birthday Album (1998)


Original CD Release-Forefront FFD 5193

Country: US CD 1998

Forefront Records: The Birthday Album - Front Cover

Forefront Records: The Birthday Album - Rear Cover

Front Side

Back Side


                CD release

USA         Forefront FFD 5193 (1998)


                Larry Norman covers

                Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music

                                Geoff Moore & The Distance

                The Outlaw

                                Dana Key


                    This release marks the tenth anniversary of Forefront Records.

                    Other artists: Kevin Max, Seven Day Jesus, Michael Tait & Pete Stewart, Rebecca St. James, Bleach, Eli, Considering Lily, Raze, The Normals, Grammatrain, Outro, Audio Adrenaline, dcTalk, E.T.W., Eddie DeGarmo, Michael Anderson, Dana Key, and Iona.

                    Other songs include "Birthday," "Big House," "Uphill Battle," "Mirror," "Heavenbound," "I'm Accepted," "Second Birthday," "Listen To Our Hearts," "That's The Way," "Everything," "God," "Jesus Freak," "Stay Together," "Feels Good To Be Forgiven," "Sound Alarm," "Walk On Water," "Jesus Is Just Alright," "Above All Things," "Treasure," "Peace," "Walls," "Epidermis Girl," "We're A Band," "Always Come Around," and "When All Is Said And Done."


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.