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Here's To Veterans (1973)

Original LP Release - Veterans Administration LP 110

Country: US Single slip 1973

Front Side

Back Side


Original CDR Release-"Illegal Noise Series" No Label No Number

Country: US CDR 2001

Front Side

Back Side


CDR Label


                 Special LP release

USA         The Veterans Administration LP 110/Program No. 1429:

                Larry Norman (1973)


                CD release

USA         Illegal Noise Series (no number) (2001) CD-R



                    The Veterans Administration LP ("Here's To Veterans") is a mono 12 inch LP produced by the Veterans Administration and broadcast over Armed Forces Radio to get Larry Norman's album "So Long Ago The Garden" introduced to the audience. It was issued in a plain jacket and features "Meet Me At The Airport," "Lonely By Myself," "She's A Dancer," and "Soul Survivor." Larry Norman gives short introductions to the songs and there are two announcements about Sickle Cell Anemia. The A-side is by Judi Pulver (Program #1428).


   All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.