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Home At Last (1989)

Original LP Release - Phydeaux


Country: US Single slip 1989

Note: This was released as a double album with white labels and a white jacket.

Front Side

Back Side


LP Release-Spark SK-7005

Country: Holland Single slip 1990

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Back Side


Original CD Release-Benson/Solid Rock CD-02304

Country: US CD 1989

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CD Label


CD Release-Spark SK-7005

Country: Holland CD 1990

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CD Label


CDR Release-"60th Birthday Reissue"
Solid Rock SRA-SRD-117


Country: US CDR 2007

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CDR Label


                LP releases

USA         Phydeaux ARF-21/L35223 (1989)

NL           Spark SK-7005 (1990)


                CD/CD-R releases

USA         Benson/Solid Rock CD-02304 (1989)

USA         Solid Rock SRA-SRD-117 (2007) CD-R

NL           Spark SK-7005 (1990)


                Cassette releases

USA         Benson/Solid Rock C-02304 (1989)

NL           Spark SKC-7005 (1990)


                Song listing original US 2LP

Side 1       Lonely Boy

                My Feet Are On The Rock

                                New version (see "The Best Of The Second Trilogy"

                                for the first release of this song)

                Country Church, Country People

                                From "The Story Of The Tune" (see notes)

                Sitting In My Kitchen

Side 2       Camel Through A Needle's Eye

                Nightmare #49 (part 1)

                                From "The Best Of The Second Trilogy"

                Oh, How I Love You

                                From "Only Visiting This Planet"

                Queen Of The Rodeo

                He Really Loves You

                                From "The Best Of The Second Trilogy"

                                (but here it has a very short intro)

                Here Comes The King

Side 3       Letters To The Church

                We Three Twogether

                                From "The Best Of The Second Trilogy"

                                but with shorter break after the opening part

                Somewhere Out There


                Nightmare #49 (part 2)*


Side 4       (Live concert with band)

                Letters To The Church*

                Camel Through A Needle's Eye*

                Here Comes The King*

                Shake Your Rattle And Crawl*

                                Demo; studio recording



                    The Phydeaux LP listed above was released as a double album in a single white jacket with white label LPs. Most tracks were probably recorded between 1986 and 1988 in various countries (England, Germany, Israel, Africa, Russia and America). It could be that the original title for this album was "Brothers At Last"


                    Side one has "ARF-21-A" and "L34644" written in the trail-off vinyl. On all other sides "L35223" is given.


                    "Home At Last" was scheduled for a release in 1986. When it was released in 1989, Larry Norman had replaced some songs with new compositions ("Somewhere Out There" and


                    The above information can be read in the "Blue book" (a 24 page magazine) that was released by Larry Norman in 1990.


                    "Letters To The Church" is a duet with a female singer (Sarah Finch?). See also "Letter To A Friend" on "Back To America"


                    "Country Church, Country People" was first released on the LP "The Story Of The Tune" (also on the Swedish "Down Under (But Not Out)" LP); here it has some additional overdubs.


                    "Queen Of The Rodeo" is written in 1972 (according to a 1990 newsletter). This is a very short 80's recording of the song.


                    All Spark releases have the same songs as the Benson/Solid Rock CD/CAS.


                    Spark reissued "Home At Last" on a budget double CD together with "Footprints In The Sand" (SK-7099, 1998).


                    Benson released two radio shows in 1989 (March & May) on CD for the promotion of their artists. The March release featured "Somewhere Out There" by Larry Norman and the May release had an interview plus parts of the songs "Somewhere Out There", "Letters To The Church" and "Country Church, Country People". There might also be cassette versions of these CDs.


                    Benson released a Mastertrax cassette (#10297) in 1988 containing the normal and an instrumental version of "Somewhere Out There".


                    The songs marked with an asterisk are Phydeaux LP tracks only; they're not on the other releases.


                    The 2007 CD-R release includes the same songs and song order as the 1989 original Benson CD release. (Jim Bthel)


   All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen except where otherwise noted.