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Home At Last (1989)

Original VHS Release-Solid Rock/Benson No Number

Country: US VHS 1989

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Front Side

Back Side


                VHS release

USA         Solid Rock/Benson No label (2000)


                Song listing

                My Feet Are On The Rock

                Nightmare # 49

                Following The Light

                He Really Loves You

                Letters To The Church

                Here Comes The King

                Camel In A Needles Eye Blues

                Lonely Boy Blues

                I Love You Vignette

                Queen Of The Rodeo


                We Three Twogether

                Sitting In My Kitchen


                Somewhere Out There

                Country Church

                Calling Out To You



                    Professionally filmed in front of  15,000 festival fans in Europe, this rock video also brings it all home with an additional performance backed by a full band, a small orchestra, and an African American gospel choir shouting for joy. (from back cover)


                    The Road to Fehrion The Journey Of The Jubilant Concerts is the most professional video Larry has ever made. It is also the most personal. It starts off with a song about his earliest memories in San Francisco. It ends with a song he wrote about the country church his grandmother attended in the Ozarks. (from back cover)


                    The festival alluded to on the back cover is the Flevo festival in Holland.


                    The final song, Calling Out To You, is not performed by Larry Norman.


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.