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Instigator (2002)

Original CDR Release "The Essential Series"
Solid Rock SRD-771


Country: US CDR 2002

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Front Side

Back Side

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CDR Label


                CDR release

USA         Solid Rock SRD-771 (2003)


                Song listing

                Lonely Boy

                                From "Home At Last" without intro

                Born To Be Unlucky

                                From "Something New Under The Son,"

                                without intro (CD version)

                Moses In The Wilderness

                                From "Upon This Rock"

                Hard Luck, Bad News

                                From "Something New Under The Son,"

                                but missing the intro*

                Walking Backwards Down The Stairs

                                From "Upon This Rock"

                Pardon Me

                                From "Only Visiting This Planet,"

                                no intro and a slightly shorter outtro*

                Soul Survivor

                                From "So Long Ago The Garden,"

                                shortened both at the beginning and the end

                Looking For The Footprints

                                From "In Another Land" (CD version),

                                but without  fade in

                Baroquen Spirits

                                The short version that was first released on

                                MGM single 14703

                I Don't Believe In Miracles

                                From "Upon This Rock"*

                Sigrid Jane

                                From the first version of "Street Level"

                I Am A Servant

                                From "In Another Land"

                Nothing Really Changes

                                From "Upon This Rock" shortened at

                                both beginning and end*

                Strong Love, Strange Peace

                                From "In Another Land" (CD version)

                Ha Ha World

                                From "Upon This Rock"

                Forget Your Hexagram

                                From "Upon This Rock"

                Feeling So Bad

                                From "Something New Under The Son"

                                but last instrumental part is missing*

                Let That Tape Keep Rolling

                                From "Something New Under The Son"

                                but with an early fade out*

                I Think I Love You

                                From "Bootleg" but ending earlier

                With A Love Like Yours

                                From "Bootleg"

                Up In Canada

                                From the Phydeaux LP version of

                                "So Long Ago The Garden"*

                Lonely By Myself

                                From "So Long Ago The Garden"*


                                From "Larry Norman" but without



                                Previously unreleased studio recording,

                                see notes


                                Previously unreleased studio recording,

                                see notes



                    Volume 1 of the Essential series, but released as number 4.


                    "Butterfly" and "Kulderachna," the unreleased songs of this compilation, were probably recorded sometime around 1973. On the insert of the Street Level reissue of "Only Visiting This Planet" Larry Norman mentions these two songs as being intended for "So Long Ago The Garden"


                    Songs marked with an asterisk all have "single edit" or "single version" behind the song title on the u-card. None of these were ever released on single though and I wonder if these additions are correct. Most of these songs are indeed shortened, but it seems more like an attempt to make it all fit on a CD of 74 minutes (total playing time: 72:54 min.). Bonus track "Butterfly" obviously has been shortened as well.


All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.