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Labor Of Love (1982)

Original LP Release - Phydeaux ARF-86-2

Country: US Single slip 1982

Front Side

Back Side


                LP release

USA         Phydeaux ARF-86-2 (1982)


                Song listing

Side 1       Where His Soul Touches Down

                                Written by Tom Howard

                Let The Master Make It Right

                                Written by Tom Howard

                Stairway L'études


                Farther On

                                Written by Randy Stonehill & Tom Howard

                Come On In

                                Written by Tom Howard

Side 2       Piano L'etudes


                Mansion On The Sand

                                Written by Tom Howard

                Twilight L'études


                Higher Calling

                                Written by Tom Howard

                Jesus Is The Song Inside Of Me

                                Written by Tom Howard

                Drum L'etudes


                One More Reason

                                Written by Tom Howard



                    This is a numbered white label pressing (first copies said "white label test pressing"), released for the Marriott Commemoration. Only 250 copies have been pressed.


                    The album was released with a few variations. My copy (#4) has a black on white photocopy on the front cover (a photograph of Larry Norman seated on a statue) and a black on green photocopy on the back cover with some text. It's signed and numbered by hand. The front cover has this text stamped: "Solid Rock Street Choir And Blues Band" and "Labor Of Love;" this text plus the song titles are stamped on the labels. Other copies have inserts and no stamps on the cover or the labels. The song titles were stamped on the first 10 copies only.


                    "Labor Of Love" was also released as part of the "Barchaeology" 3LP box with the same catalog number and the same tracks. In 1999 this album appeared as part of the CD "Rough Street Love Letter" (this double CD is a reissue of the "Barchaeology" 3LP box with extra tracks).


                    All etudes are instrumentals and composed by Larry Norman.


                    See also LP "Quiet Night" where there's no mention of "Solid Rock Street Choir And Blues Band;" it's "The Young Lions" instead. On the "Barchaeology" 3LP box there is no band name at all.


  All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.