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Live At Flevo (1990)

Original LP Release - Spark SK-7004

Country: Holland Single slip 1990

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Front Side

Back Side


Original CD Release-Spark SK-7004

Country: Holland CD 1990

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Front Side

Back Side


CD Label


                LP release

NL           Spark SK-7004 (1990)


                CD release

NL           Spark SK-7004 (1990)


                Cassette release

NL           Spark SKC-7004 (1990)


                Song listing original LP

Side 1       My Feet Are On The Rock

                Nightmare #49 (part one)

                Medley (Everybody Work / Twist And Shout / Shout)

                                See notes for authors

                Twelve Good Men

                Be Careful What You Sign

Side 2       He Really Loves You

                Why Should The Devil

                Medley (I Wish We'd All Been Ready / UFO)



                Extra tracks on CD

                Letters To The Church

                Medley (Soon I Will Be Home / It's Only Today That Counts /

                I Am A Servant)

                The Outlaw

                Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

                Rock That Doesn't Roll



                    This CD contains 1989 live recordings of Larry Norman with Charly Norman, Q-Stone and others at the Flevo Totaal Festival in the Netherlands.


                    "Letters To The Church" is a duet with Elisabeth degard. "Soon I Will Be Home" is completely sung (& written) by Elisabeth degard. "The Outlaw" is a solo performance (with acoustic guitar).


                    "Twist And Shout" was written by Bert Russell and Phil Medley (recorded first by the Top Notes and then by The Isley Brothers, the cover version by the Beatles will be best known). "Shout" was written by the Isley Brothers; O'Kelly, Ronald and Rudolph (so, don't believe the info on the CD booklet!). Larry Norman rewrote some of the lyrics.


                    The CD version has the extra tracks in between the tracks listed for the LP version.


   All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.