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Live At The Elsinore (2005)

Original CDR Release-Solid Rock SRD-605

Country: US CDR (Double) 2005

Front Side

Back Side


CDR Labels


                CDR release

                Solid Rock SRD-605 (2005)


                Song listing

Disc 1      The Great American Novel

                Song For A Small Circle Of Friends

                Reader's Digest

                Let The Rain Fall Down


                Six Sixty Six/God Part III

                I Wish We'd All Been Ready

                Maggie/Beatles Montage/Drinking Gourd

                                With Larry's sister, Nancy (includes "Tom Dooley," "I Want To Hold Your Hand,"

                                and "She Loves You."

                The Outlaw

                African Gospel Acappella/Lay Your Hand On Me Jesus


Disc 2      Little Wabbit

                Few Days With You

                                This segment includes, "In The Mood For Love" and "September Song"

                The Moon's A Harsh Mistress/One Way/I Am A Servant

                Standing Here Today

                Song For My Piano

                Dance Before The Throne/Train/Can't Get That Stuff

                                "Train" is actually "It's Nobody's Fault But Mine" and "Can't Get That Stuff"

                                is "You Can't Get That Stuff No More"

                Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

                Watch What You're Doing

                Twelve Good Men

                Last Time

                Why Should The Devil

                                Track 6 on Disc 2 is actually 41 minutes long and comprised

                                of all the songs from Dance Before The Throne to Why Should

                                The Devil



                    What do you think when you find out that an artist has performed a long evening of music and it is available on CDs before you even leave the theater? High Tech Larry was probably the first Christian artist to have a multi-platformed website. He was the first Christian artist to set up his albums for release on CDs (and then withdrew, knowing that few Christian music lovers could afford the $1200-$2,200 cost of this new technology.) He had earlier been the first Christian artist to make a scenario-rock video, years before MTV ever came into existence. But in most cases, in later years, it has been Charles who has created the tech-face aspect of Larry's career. Larry decided the Elsinore concert should be available right after the show. But it was Charles and Jason who actually made it possible. In fact, Charles would have been on stage more often during the concert if he had not been operating the equipment, running the multi-media film presentation, overseeing the video crew, and many other unseen elements in the presentation of the concert, along with Jason Carter, Kristin Stavang and Silver. If "it takes a village" to raise a child, it now takes a group of family and friends to create the operation which Larry is part of. After years of feeling alone in his career and being a leader, Larry says he is more than happy to be part of something and be "ensconced in a tribe." Live At The Elsinore is available on a double CD set. Larry performs as a solo artist, sings with his sister in a guitar, mandolin and banjo segment, sings with a group of blind singers from Africa, then does an acoustic set with W.C. Handy Blues Award Nominee, Mark Lemhouse with Gary Pomeroy (People! 2) on guitar, then with the whole band. Special surprise guest Frank Black of The Pixies joins the band and plays out the rest of the concert with Larry and the two even switch off lead vocals on "Watch What You're Doing," (from the official Larry Norman website)


                    The label is listed as SRD-605 on the Larry Norman website but this information does not appear on the discs themselves or the front or back covers. 


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.