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Live At The Smith - Solo (2007)

Original DVD Release-Solid Rock


Country: US DVD 2007

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DVD Label


                DVD release

USA          Solid Rock DVD-SRV-126 (2007)


                Song listing


                Great American Novel



                Pardon Me

                Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music


                    This concert took place in Salem, Oregon on June 24, 2005.


                    "Larry appeared at the great Smith Auditorium at Willamette University and put on a show that lasted for almost three hours. His solo set alone is on this DVD. You've never seen Larry like this. This is a totally unusual concert performance. It was riveting in the unanticipated way it flowed out. Larry wore what looked like farmer's clothes but he appeared to be more like a homeless person. His mailman, Jerry, had introduced him by trying to deliver a letter to him - in 1971. The concert had a surreal quality to it. And as the evening went on, it became more like a journey back in time, through the twilight zone. Back to 1966.

The concert Larry gives on this DVD was very shocking to the audience, and especially to the long-time fans.

His talking was the most hypnotic thing, in between the songs, as he shape-shifted back to the Larry of the post-hippie spiritual revolution that was coming. He was out on the streets, talking. Giving people a piece of his mind and a look into the future while he took them into the past." (from the official Larry Norman website)

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