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Midnight Fire (1980)

Randall Waller

Original LP Release - Tunesmith TS 6006

Country: Canada Single slip? 1980

Midnight Fire - Front Cover

Midnight Fire - Rear Cover

Front Side

Back Side


                LP release

CAN        Tunesmith TS 6006 (1980)



                    It is possible that there are cassette and 8-track releases as well.

                    Randy Stonehill provides vocals and Larry Norman contributes vocals and harmonica. Jon Linn also appears on guitars.

                    John Linn produced this album.

                    Other songs include "I Need You," "Cry From An Absent Friend," "Midnight Fire," "Lady Of The Night," "Mum 'N' The Kids," "Always Waiting," "Made For Me," and "Morning Star."


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.