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One Way (1995)


Original CD Release-Forefront FFD 5130

Country: US CD/Double CD (Radio Special) 1995

One Way - Front Cover

One Way - Rear Cover

Front Side

Back Side

One Way - Stock Release Disc

One Way - Radio Release Disc

Stock CD Label

Radio Special CD Label


                CD release

USA         Forefront FFD 5130 (1995)


                Cassette release

USA         Forefront FFT 6615 (1995))


                Song listing


                                Geoff Moore & The Distance

                Sweet, Sweet Song Of Salvation

                                Rebecca St. James

                The Great American Novel

                                Big Tent Revival

                Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

                                Holy Soldier

                Shot Down

                                Michael Anderson

                Righteous Rocker # 3

                                Audio Adrenaline

                One Way

                                Serene & Pearl

                The Outlaw

                                Dana Key

                Nothing Really Changes

                                Code Of Ethics

                Six O'Clock News


                Why Should The Devil (Have All The Good Music)

                                Geoff Moore & The Distance

                The Rock That Doesn't Roll

                                Larry Howard

                If God Is My Father


                I Wish Wed All Been Ready

                                DC TALK



                    Artists participating in this tribute are Geoff Moore & The Distance, Rebecca St. James, Big Tent Revival, Holy Soldier, Michael Anderson, Audio Adrenaline, Serene & Pearl, Dana Key, Code Of Ethics, Grammatrain, Larry Howard, E.T.W., and DC TALK.

                    There is a double CD version of this release that includes the One Way Radio Special disc.


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.