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People! The Reunion Concert 2006 (2007)

Original CDR Release-Solid Rock SRA-SRD-126

Country: US CDR 2006

Front Side

Back Side


CDR Label


                CD-R release

USA         Solid Rock SRA-SRD-126 (2007)


                Song listing

                I Love You

                Riding High

                Cryin' Shoes

                Somebody Tell Me My Name

                She's A Dancer

                Hey Sweetheart

                I've Got You On My Mind

                We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus

                Hasty Heart

                Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

                Twelve Good Men



                   The People! reunion concert took place in the summer of 2006. Dennis Fridkin, Gene Mason, and Larry Norman performed at Willamette University in Salem. Larry's solo set from this concert has been released on DVD as, "Live At The Smith."


                    "This CD disc is the recording of the band set where People! were backed up by an amazing group of musicians, including a keyboardist that tours with top rock acts and other musicians who tour the circuit in their own fields. The songs here take on a new lease of life and for the most part have never been heard performed since the Sixties." (The Official Larry Norman webpage)


                    "Also included is "Hasty Heart" with a touch of bluegrass and the roof-raising finale where the band was joined by Mark Lemhouse, and he and Charles traded guitar solos on the closer - "Twelve Good Men."" (The Official Larry Norman webpage)


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.