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Safecracking (2006)

Original CDR Release-Solid Rock SRD-113

Country: US CDR 2006

Front Side

Back Side


CDR Label


                CDR release

USA         Solid Rock SRD-113 (2006)


                Song listing

                Don't Wanna Be Like You

                                Written by Charles Norman and Kristin Blix

                Down To The Water

                                Written by Charles Norman, Aslak Nygren, and Larry Norman

                Endless Life Of Dreams

                Waves Of Grace

                A Woman Of God

                                Long, "Rastafarian" version

                Stranger Won't You Change

                Perfect World

                                Written by Charles Norman and Kristin Blix


                Everybody Work

                I Want It All

                                Written by Charles Norman


                Jesus Is God

                                Written by Charles Norman and Kristin Blix



                   "This album contains almost all of Larry's rare recordings and previously unreleased songs which were featured in the seven Essential CDs. Because not everyone has heard these recordings, and because they were bootlegged off of his private Essential albums and then sold as a counterfeit CD, Larry decided that he would release his own version of the best songs, and his favorite songs, and make this album." (Larry Norman website)


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