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Slinky (2005)

Original CDR Release-Solid Rock SRD-797

Country: US CDR 2005

Front Side

Back Side


CDR Label


                CDR release

                Solid Rock SRD-797 (2005)


                Song listing

                The Outlaw

                When I First Saw You

                Sweet Song Of Salvation

                Why Should The Devil

                Why Don't You Look Into Jesus


                Baby Out Of Wedlock

                Ha Ha World

                Up In Canada

                The Rock That Doesn't Roll

                I Don't Wanna Lose You

                Country Church, Country People

                One Way

                Feeling So Bad

                Shot Down

                Lonely By Myself

                Nightmare #71

                I Don't Believe In Miracles

                I've Searched All Around

                Even If You Don't Believe

                Righteous Rocker

                Walking Backwards

                Blue Shoes White

                I Am A Servant


                    SLINKY is loaded with early songs from Larry's Hollywood phase. It contains some of his most astute observations, captured in humorous lyric and sarcastic sermon. Many of these songs were used in the film FRISBEE this last year, but this album is NOT a soundtrack of that movie. FRISBEE doesn't have an authorized soundtrack and will not be able to license any of my recordings for the final cut and general release. Whether or not you've seen FRISBEE, the SLINKY CD stands alone without explanation. FRISBEE only used 19 of these songs. SLINKY has 24 songs, and they are all full length recordings, not snippets. We think you'll really "dig" what is here, in between the grooves. (from the official Larry Norman website)


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.